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Gtechniq Platinum – Total Surface Protection

Congratulations on the purchase of your new vehicle. Now it is time to protect your investment with Gtechniq Platinum. Gtechniq are the global leaders in ceramic and durable surface coatings for paint, glass, interior and wheels.

To protect that new car appearance and give you peace of mind prior to leaving the dealership, Gtechniq platinum provides protection against the elements with hydrophobic properties pushing water away from the paint and glass creating greater visibility and safer driving experience.

Gtechniq Platinum’s interior includes BioCoteĀ® proven anti-microbial protection that helps prevent the growth of microbes, that can be detrimental to your health. Unexpected spills wipe away easily with a damp cloth, reducing the chance of stains and discolouration.

Gtechniq Platinum wheel protection is unique. Alloy wheels are porous, the Platinum formula binds to the surface of your wheels resulting in a dense, slick surface repelling dirt and brake dust as well as reducing stains.
Over time environmental factors including UV rays, acid rain, dirt, snow, bird waste, bugs, fuel spillage and brake dust can cause permanent damage to the vehicles original unprotected surface.

After five years, unprotected paint shows significant swirling and scratches. Gtechniq Platinum protection preserves that clean and glossy appearance of the vehicle to the same look as the day it was purchased. Gtechniq Platinum will keep your vehicle’s appearance in pristine condition and increased future resale value. Your investment is protected by trained technicians and backed by a five-year guarantee. Get peace of mind for your vehicle with Gtechniq Platinum.