Thank you for registering your Gtechniq guarantee. Please read the terms and conditions fully before agreeing to them and completing your application.


You will need to print or save a copy of the terms and conditions to your computer should you need them for reference.

The Gtechniq guarantee covers you for specific problems with the surface of your car such as paint oxidation and staining and helps to extend the ‘new’ appearance of your car for longer.

It is important that you recognise the surface of your car can be prematurely compromised through improper wash technique and the use of sub-standard car care products or equipment. By following our simple car washing guide below and using the Gtechniq range of after care products, designed to work alongside our ultra-durable, ceramic coatings, your car will retain its showroom condition for years to come.

For customers who do not have the time to maintain their cars themselves, or would prefer to leave this to the experts, our team of Accredited Detailers worldwide offer a range of aftercare service packages.

Your Gtechniq coating is only covered by guarantee when applied by an accredited detailer or approved dealership and upon completion of our online guarantee registration. Please note that your guarantee is only valid in countries where Gtechniq has distribution (available through dealerships or an accredited detailer network).

Please note guarantees are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the original purchaser on the car initially registered.

Vehicle inspection schedule

Whilst it is not essential, we do recommend you revisit your detailer or dealer on an annual basis so that they can inspect your vehicle’s finish and perform any maintenance as required.

With Gtechniq Platinum your car’s exterior is protected with a five-year guarantee.

Gtechniq Platinum will safeguard the treated surface under the terms and conditions listed below.

Should the treated car surfaces be damaged tree sap, bug splatter, bird droppings or the sun’s harmful UV rays, Gtechniq will repair or clean (at its option) and retreat the damaged area at no cost to the owner.

Guarantee conditions and exclusions

In the event of damage to the factory painted surface of your car caused by collision, accident, vandalism or abuse, the vehicle can be taken to a registered Gtechniq Accredited Detailer for retreatment of the damaged areas at the owners or insurers expense. The owner must present a copy of their guarantee document and the guarantee authentication code prior to the car being retreated.

This guarantee does not cover stone chipping, surface rust, marring, abnormal chemical fallout or spillage, untreated panel repair or replacement, scratching, abrasions, manufactures imperfection or paint imperfections such as paint flaking, peeling, foreign matter in paint, orange peel, or clear coat separation.

Please not this guarantee does not cover matte or satin paint finishes.

Guarantee terms and conditions

If damage to your vehicle occurs during the guarantee period and the owner considers this guarantee may be applicable, the following procedures should be followed:

a) Immediately notify Gtechniq by emailing, the following details should be submitted: name, phone number, guarantee serial number, with a brief description of the damage or fault

b) Gtechniq may then arrange for an assessor to inspect the vehicle during normal business hours at a location nominated by them

c) If Gtechniq accepts the claim, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for repair and treatment of the damage or fault

d) Failure to lodge a claim within 30 days of the problem being apparent will absolve Gtechniq of any legal responsibilities

The guarantee shall not be applicable in the case of:

a) Damage by collision, acts of vandalism and burns of any description

b) Treated surface coming into contact with dyes and paints

c) Staining or discolouration or any other defect as a result of faulty manufacture

d) The treated areas are not altered in anyway, removed or over coated with any different products

If you do have any problems with workmanship, although highly unlikely, please report this to the detailer you used directly no later than a month after your coating has been applied.