With winter a distant memory, springtime and summertime present a new set of challenges to car owners and car enthusiasts. The main one being in the form of bug and insects! Even going for the shortest of drives on a sunny day, can leave the front of a car peppered.

The sun and heat can bake the insects onto the paint, often making them difficult to remove without the need for hard scrubbing. Fortunately, Gtechniq has the perfect product, the all-new W8 Bug Remover version 2!

Bug Remover contains a unique formulation that when applied to the paint, means that there is no need for any hard scrubbing. As a consequence, this will reduce the chance of scratches and swirls being put into the paint.

There is no need to hose the car down first. Simply spray the product directly onto the leading edges of your car and leave to dwell for 3-5 minutes. The longer the product is left, the better it will perform. After a few minutes, you should start to see the bugs and insect splatter start to dissolve in front of your very eyes. Lastly, rinse off the product with a pressure washer to reveal a bug-free finish.

Bug Remover does not strip coatings or wax. You can apply this product in the knowledge that you do not need to recoat or re-wax the surface.

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